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Our Hair

Fairytale Hair Co., a brand created in Canada which is not sold publicly in hair stores. Fairytale Hair Co. is exclusive to Baby Doll's Salons, with the guarantee of quality strength that will last our clients 9months - 1 year of full time use, as well as the ability to re-use the hair for additional installations! Additionally, our hair is NEVER bleached! Using Fairytale's patented lightening technology, your hair extensions are 100% cuticle intact.


Read below to experience the Fairytale Philosophy, where our hair is sourced, how it is treated, and what its honest grading terms are.

Fairytale Hair

Fairytale Hair Co. was developed by leading hair extension professionals, to be bought and sold only to professionals in our industry. Thus, unregulated or untrained market will never have the ability to purchase Fairytale Hair through a public hair store. This ensures 100% Fairytale Hair distribution is being filtered to professionals only. 


Fairytale Hair was designed with a vision to focus on quality strength as opposed to fancy packaging. So often you find mid-quality hair extensions hidden behind layers of fancy packaging with misconstrued quality terms such as "remy" etc. Alternatively, Fairytale Hair Co. aims to give the client, the honest truth about your hair extensions, where is it sourced, how it is treated, and what our hair's honest value grading terms are, so our valued clients better understand where their hair comes from, and why it is superior. 


The hair extension business is very deceitful. Fairytale Hair Co. comes with a mission to bring validity and honesty to this unregulated industry. Fairytale Hair is fairly sourced, as we strongly believe in using only human hair that was obtained in an ethical and legal way. We do not work with hair that was taken by coercion or financial incentives to force people to chop off their hair. Moreover, we do not use hair from religious rituals. All Fairytale Hair Co  hair is fumigation certified from the pertaining government authorities. Fairytale Hair source collectors are based in the Ukraine, Moldova, & Belarus, as well as Asia (China, India). Our hair is sourced from many regions to offer texture / hair type / curl pattern variety suitable for our individual client's needs. From sourcing origin, the hair is sent to our manufacturing factory in Los Angeles for processing, where our hair is washed, sterilized, drawn twice with a drawing matt, then prepared for colour. Grading Terms-------------------------Our hair is 100% root to point correct from sourcing to installation, guaranteed. (A.K.A. Remis) Our hair is fully cuticle intact from sourcing, through treatment, to installation, guaranteed. Our hair is never bleached.


We are pleased to present Fairytale Hair's exclusive factory lightening treatment for hair extensions. Normally, factories based in China will bleach & tone the hair, then add the colour sealant chemical for anti-fadage. Likely, if you have worn or installed extensions from major hair retailers, this is the case, as it is the norm. At Fairytale Hair Co. we will always consider quality before quantity. Our factory in Los Angeles places the hair set out for lightening into its patented organic liquid for a 4 week period, where our hair's cuticle is lifted by 2% over a longer period of time and with conditioning agents to aid in quality control during this processing time. The pigment is slowly permitted to leave the cortex of the hair shaft, without blowing the cuticle wide open. Once the hair has lifted to the desired level, it is then toned and pigment sealed to prevent fading. It is because of this extra time consuming step, that our Fairytale Hair is guaranteed full-cuticle intact, and should last 9-13 months of full time use.

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